We don’t stop caring for you once we fulfill your prescription. Our pharmacy patient counseling services run deep, allowing you to get any questions you have answered by a qualified pharmacist at any time of day. Our pharmacy consultation services are available at no additional cost to you. It’s our way of saying thank you for your business.

Allaying Fears

When you get a new prescription filled, paperwork often comes with it. But what if you have questions, specifically regarding any other medications you are taking or any potential side effects you can expect to experience? That’s where our pharmacy consulting team comes in. Once your prescription is ready for you, we will sit down with you or talk with you over the phone to alleviate any fears you have and eliminate any concerns you might be wrestling with.

Counseling Patients

Our patient counseling services include more than answering questions, though. A patient counseling pharmacist is expertly trained to offer patient education and counseling to patients regardless of the medications they are taking. Pharmacy patient counseling services are designed so that patients adhere to the suggested recommendations, understand what they can and cannot do while taking these medications, and be as active as possible in the maintenance of their own overall health. Pharmacists can only go so far to ensure proper health; patients must finish the task.

Establishing a Relationship

It is important for you and a patient counseling pharmacist to build a strong relationship so you know where to turn when you have prescription needs or questions that need answered. Let us help you along the way. Call us toll-free at 888-208-8415.

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