Compounding is the No. 1 way to ensure that all customers receive the appropriate prescriptions that they need as individuals. While generic and brand-name prescription drugs often can do the job, sometimes they offer too little or too much of what a customer needs. At Borbas Pharmacy, we offer pharmaceutical compounding services from creating compound creams to manufacturing designer medications from scratch to ensure the appropriate dosages are available for all of our customers.

Pharmacy Compounding Services

At Borbas Pharmacy, our pharmacy compounding services run deep. Our pharmacist team is expertly trained to be able to create new medications from scratch to treat a range of ailments and conditions, saving you money in the process. Instead of relying on mass-market prescriptions, get just what your body requires by using our pharmacy compounding services.

Individualized Care

With our pharmacy compounding supplies, we also are able to make it so you never have to take a physical pill. You may be more comfortable ingesting your medications in liquid form, and we can do that. Preparing pharmaceutical products in both pill and liquid form is our specialty, and we are here to accommodate you as best we can. We can even change pharmaceutical compounds to make them more flavorful and palatable for you so taking medications unwillingly can be a thing of the past.

Get Customized Medications

To take advantage of our compounding services, simply call Borbas Pharmacy today at 888-208-8415. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can to ensure the right compound for your condition.

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