Borbas Pharmacy: Providing Custom Orthopedic Braces in and around Brooklyn for Effective Pain Relief

Injuries and hereditary conditions affecting the lower limbs can prevent you from performing daily tasks due to pain. For this reason, Borbas Pharmacy provides custom orthotic footwear and shoe inserts as well as custom orthopedic braces in Brooklyn and in the other areas we serve to help those with imbalances in the lower limbs improve their condition and quality of life.

Maintaining balance from the foot all the way to the neck is essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, any imbalances and instabilities, especially in the feet and spine, can force the joints and muscles along the body to overcompensate, leading to injuries and chronic pain. Hence, we at Borbas Pharmacy provide custom orthopedic supports in and outside Brooklyn to help patients find pain relief.

Foot, heel, and leg pain can be corrected with the proper orthotics. At Borbas Pharmacy, that is our No. 1 goal: to provide you with the appropriate orthotics that are customized to fit your body. We provide a range of orthotic devices, including orthotic arch supports, orthotic shoes, orthotic bracing products and spinal orthotics, so you can better manage the pain and walk more freely. We also work with your primary care doctor or specialist to recommend the appropriate plan for you.

Treating Patients as a Whole

We treat both children and adults with both orthotics and prosthetics, helping them to improve hereditary conditions and recover from sports-related injuries. At Borbas Pharmacy, our orthotic solutions are completely customized. While you could shop at your local store to get standard orthotics, these may wind up doing you more harm than good. On the other hand, our orthotic specialists take a look at you as an individual and come up with a solution that will alleviate your pain as much as possible.

We know that no two bodies are alike, nor are two conditions the same, so we treat our customers as individuals rather than numbers. That is why, when seeking orthotic solutions, it's best to approach our experts to get custom braces, foot inserts, or orthotic shoes in and outside Brooklyn.

Get Help from the Experts

Whether you know the specific orthotic devices you need to make you feel better or you simply want to learn more about orthotics, our team of orthotic specialists can help. We assist customers every day with their individual orthotic needs, working to ensure the right fit every time.

To learn about how to get fitted for custom orthopedic braces or custom orthotic shoes in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and in the other areas we serve, contact us through our online form or call us toll-free at 888-208-8415.

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