Orthopedic inserts are a helpful way to get the support and fit you need with your shoes. They are often used for people with minor to moderate issues regarding things like the arches in their feet, leg or knee problems or even issues with their backs. Rather than buying full orthopedic shoes, these inserts can be an excellent solution that also saves a lot of money. Finding the right inserts, however, isn’t always as easy as people would like. Finding a good pharmacy that has a wide range of inserts in stock and ready to ship right to your door is very important.

Here at Borbas Pharmacy we have inserts to fit all types of shoes and provide the support you need no matter what size shoe you wear or what type of insert you need. We carry options that provide all different areas of support so you can choose the exact style that meets your specific needs. Of course, we also sell these orthopedic inserts at wholesale prices so you can save a lot of money when you work with us rather than other pharmacies or medical supply providers.

Free Delivery

On most orders we can provide free delivery to people throughout Brooklyn and New York. This is the most convenient way to get the inserts or other medical supplies that you need. You can order just one pair or you can purchase enough to go in each pair of shoes you own. Whatever you need, we are here to help you get it, and get it quickly so you can begin enjoying the benefits of these inserts right away.

Low Prices

Some people are able to have their orthopedic inserts covered by their insurance provider. If that is an option, we can work directly with them to have them paid for directly so you don’t have much, if any, out of pocket expenses. If you don’t have insurance that covers these inserts, however, we can still get you incredibly low prices. This is because we have low overhead, which saves us a lot of money. We can pass these savings on to our customers without ever sacrificing on the quality. We also serve a large customer base that is located throughout Brooklyn and New York, which allows us to further lower our prices due to the bigger sales volume. All of this adds up to being able to provide you with the best possible inserts and other medical supplies, at the best possible prices. Of course, we also give the best service to help ensure you are 100% satisfied with every order you make.

Contact Borbas Pharmacy

If you’d like to make an order over the phone, or if you have any questions for us, please dial 888-208-8415. We can talk to you about the services we provide, the products we carry or anything else you need. We look forward to helping you with your orthopedic inserts or any other medical supplies soon.

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