Trapeze Bars

If you or someone you are caring for has a disability that makes it difficult for them to get in and out of bed, their wheelchair or any other area, a trapeze bar can be very helpful. These bars allow the individual to pull themselves up and reposition themselves quickly and easily. These bars can also be used to help someone out of bed and into their wheelchair or other area. Some people even use them to help with physical therapy by doing pull ups and allowing their legs to be lifted up off the bed. Whatever specific reason you need one, we have a variety of options ready for you.

These bars can come as a standalone item that can be hooked up to another secure area, or you can get a frame as well that will allow you to easily set it up in your home. The trapeze bars we offer can be adjusted to any length so that they will be easy to grasp and hold onto for the person who is using them. Of course, they also come with nice grips to ensure they can be used as safely as possible at all times.

Easy Delivery Options

When you order a trapeze bar from us it will likely qualify for free delivery, which means you donít need to worry about going out to pick it up. Weíll send it right to your house without costing you anything extra. This is one of the most convenient ways to get the medical supplies you need without any delay. Even if we donít have a specific item in stock, which is quite rare, we can special order it and have it delivered right to your house. We deliver throughout Brooklyn and New York so if you live in this area, let us help you with this great service.

Saving You Money with Low Prices

As you will notice as you browse through our inventory of great medical supplies, we have the lowest prices around. We keep our overhead low and work hard to get the best prices from the manufacturers. In addition, since we donít need to have a standalone building in so many locations, we can save money there. All of this savings makes it so we can send our products right to you at a fraction of the price that other pharmacies have to charge.

We can also work with your insurance company if they cover things like trapeze bars. If they do, we can bill them directly so that you donít have to worry about a thing. We also work with Medicare and Medicaid so no matter what insurance provider you have, we can work with them.

Contact Us

If you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our customer service professionals, please donít hesitate to give us a call. We can be reached at 888-208-8415. We can help you to place an order, set up a delivery or just talk with you about the medical supplies you need.

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