If you have any type of foot, leg or back problems you may have been told by doctors or other experts that the cause of the issue is your shoes. Shoes are supposed to provide your feet with the proper level of support, which can then ensure your legs and back stay in proper alignment and avoid problems. Since everyone’s feet are unique, however, many people run into issues when they wear normal shoes that they get from the store.

When this is the case it is sometimes possible to find relief using orthopedic inserts or other similar items. For some people, however, it is necessary to have custom shoes made that will provide you with the exact support and comfort that you need. If this has been recommended to you by a podiatrist, other doctor or anyone else, we can help you to get the right shoes for you.

Making Your Shoes

We can work with you to get the proper measurements of your feet and determine exactly what type of shoes you need. We can then have custom shoes made for you and sent right to your home. Many of our customers have found that these shoes are far more comfortable than they would have ever believed possible. They can also eliminate headaches, backaches, knee problems and much more.

While it is true that not everyone will require custom shoes, those who do need them can benefit greatly. Having proper footwear is very important, and we would love the opportunity to get you into the right shoes for your specific needs. If you’d like to try inserts or other orthopedic shoes first, however, we have those here at our pharmacy as well.

Excellent Prices & Free Delivery

Many people are quite surprised at just how affordable our custom shoes can be. When they learn that we also offer free delivery throughout Brooklyn and New York, they are even happier about the entire experience. Depending on your insurance coverage or what issues your doctor has found, you may even have your custom shoes paid for by your insurance. If that is the case, we can bill them directly so you don’t have to come up with any money out of pocket (unless there is a co-pay involved). We can work with you and your insurance provider to determine whether or not that is an option for you.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how you can have custom shoes made and delivered to you anywhere in Brooklyn or the New York area, just let us know. We would be happy to have you speak with one of our customer service professionals or pharmacists to get you all the information you need. We can be reached by dialing 888-208-8415. Remember, in addition to the custom shoes we also carry all other types of medical supplies and pharmaceutical products that you might need. Just contact us with questions or to set up your order.

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