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  • Model: Go-Go Elite TravellerŽ
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The Go-Go Elite Traveller® offers unbeatable ease of transport, tight space maneuverability, and gives you the versatility to change its color, and your style, in a snap with interchangeable shroud panels. The Go-Go Elite Traveller's compact size allows it to negotiate narrow hallways and tight spaces while also providing stable outdoor performance. Take the guesswork out of travel with ultra-simple assembly and disassembly and impressive performance.

Model                                                Elite Traveller 4 wheels                                                                                            Model Number                                  SC44E                                                                                                                      Front Tires                                        2" x 7" Solid                                                                                                            Rear Tires                                         2.5" x 8" Solid                                                                                                    Maximum Speed*                             Up to 4 mph                                                                                                       Ground Clearance                            2" at midframe                                                                                                         Turning Radius**                              44"                                                                                                                      Overall Length**                               39.5"                                                                                                                         Overall Width of Base**                   19.5"                                                                                                                            Seat-to-Ground Height Range        18.13"-20.13“                                                                                                           Seat Type                                          Compact, Foldable (17"x17")                                            Weight**                                            78.5 lbs.                                                                                                                   Seat-to-Deck Height Range             15.75"-17.25"                                                                                                          Battery Weight                                 9 lbs. each   (Battery pack is 18 lbs. with 12AH batteries)
                                                          14 lbs. each  (18 AH battery pack weighs 28 lbs.)                                                    
Battery Requirements                      (2)12AH or (2)18AH                                                                                             Maximum Range Per Charge*         Up to 7.2 miles w 12AH
                                                           Up to 14 miles w 18AH                                                                                          
Battery Charger                                Off-board, 2A                                                                                                       Maximum Weight Capacity             300 lbs.                                                                                                             Standard Body Colors                     Red and Blue interchangeable shroud panels                                                          Weight of Heaviest Piece**              34 lbs. (Front Section)                                                                                          Medicare Code Coverage                K0800 - Group 1 Standard

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