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  • Model: Mastectomy Swim Form
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Mastectomy Swim Form

Transparent silicone form for water activities, with a unique natural shape for even air and water flow. Soft matte film on front and back that is resistant to salt water and chlorine. Packaged with a fashionable waterproof drawstring bag that is large enough to hold a wet swimsuit.

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Having a mastectomy or double mastectomy is a life altering event, but it doesnít mean you have to do any of the things you love. Many women struggle with confidence after this type of surgery, or just donít want to deal with people staring or asking questions. This is especially true after a single mastectomy. To help avoid this when at the beach or pool, many women use mastectomy swim forms, which give you a natural look so you can focus on enjoying yourself near the water.

We carry many different mastectomy swim forms in all sizes so you can look natural in your swimsuit. These forms are made with high quality materials that will stay in place and drain water naturally so nobody can even tell that it isnít your natural breast. These are excellent options for people who donít want to go through full reconstructive surgery or those who havenít been able to have the surgery yet. With the mastectomy swim forms we carry you can just slide them into your swimsuit and forget all about them.

Easy Delivery Service

When you order from Borbas Pharmacy we will provide you with free delivery service if you live in Brooklyn or anywhere in New York. This applies to virtually all of our medical supplies, but is especially important when purchasing mastectomy swim forms because they are not available in traditional pharmacies or other stores. You can buy them from us and have them sent right to your house very quickly so you can get out and enjoy your time by the water.

Lots of Options

Having the right size swim form is very important for comfort as well as natural looks. We carry different shapes and sizes to ensure you get exactly what youíre looking for. These mastectomy forms can fit in many different types of bathing comfortably as well so you might not even need to get a specially made one.

Great Prices

There are other places that sell these items, but they can be extremely expensive. Here at Borbas Pharmacy we keep prices down on all our medical supplies, including mastectomy swim forms. If you take some time to compare the prices on the items we have with those at other pharmacies or even online specialty stores you will quickly see that we can save you a lot of money. This is even truer when you consider the fact that youíll be getting free delivery on the medical supplies you need.

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If you have any questions about mastectomy swim forms or any of the other medical supplies we carry, please donít hesitate to ask. Weíll be more than happy to speak with you and answer your questions, or just take your order right over the phone. We can be reached by calling 888-208-8415 and one of our customer care professionals will be there to work with you every step of the way.

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