Having the right mastectomy prosthesis can be very important for many women, and for many different reasons. For some it can make them feel more comfortable going out since they will look like they did before the surgery. For others it is a confidence thing. Still others will benefit by restoring balance to their chest, which can be very important for preventing back and neck issues. Whatever the case for you or your loved one, you want to make sure you get the right mastectomy prosthesis so that it looks and feels just the way you want it to.

We sell many of these items and other medical supplies to people throughout Brooklyn and New York and help to ensure they are getting everything they need, at the right prices. When you shop with us for these or any other medical supplies your order will likely qualify for a free delivery service, which can save you even more time and money. Borbas Pharmacy is a leading pharmacy in this area offering all the traditional pharmacy items as well as many others, so browse through what we have to offer today.

Choosing Mastectomy Prosthesis

Whether you are just waiting for the time when you can have a full reconstructive surgery, or you have decided that you donít want to go with reconstruction, these prosthetics can give you a very natural look. They are made to be placed in a mastectomy bra, and look very nice. In many cases people wonít even be able to tell you are wearing them. While having a mastectomy is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about, quite the opposite in fact, many women want to be able to go out without having people look or ask questions.

These mastectomy prosthesis can help accomplish that goal. For those who have had a single mastectomy, choosing the size to match your natural breast is the obvious choice. For those who have had a double mastectomy, however, it can be more difficult. You can choose any size you would like. For those who are considering a reconstructive surgery, this can be a good opportunity to Ďtry outí different options and see which one feels the best to you. You can buy multiple different sizes and types as well to see which ones you like.

Great Prices on All Medical Supplies

We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible on mastectomy prosthesis and all our medical supplies. In many cases you will be able to see that our prices are significantly lower than the competition. The fact that we also offer free delivery on most orders is just another way that we are able to save you money. We deliver to people throughout Brooklyn and New York so when youíre ordering just let us know where you want them sent.

If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to call 888-208-8415. Weíll be more than happy to talk with you about all your options and get your order set up right away. We look forward to working with you and providing you with mastectomy prosthesis and any other medical supplies you need.

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