Mobility Electric Scooter Options

Choosing a mobility electric scooter may take a lot of time if you do it by visiting one store after another, particularly if store locations are quite far apart. If you do it online however, you can browse, select, and order all in one day.

Here at Borbas Pharmacy, we have a good selection of electric scooters that you can choose from. These come in different sizes, and you can decide whether you want the 3-wheel type or if you'd rather choose from our collection of 4-wheel electric mobile scooters.

We know how challenging it can be to have to look at several electric mobility scooters for sale, and have no clue as to which one will best suit your needs. This is why we have included a brief description for each one of our models to help you with the selection process.

3-Wheel Scooters

Our 3-wheel electric scooters for sale come in three sizes: compact, medium and full size. Our compact models have a 32.3" turning radius and a speed of .5 mph up to 4 mph. Our medium and full size mobility electric scooter on the other hand, have a 40.2" turning radius and can go up to 5 mph.

Generally, a 3-wheel scooter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you will be using the scooter on uneven terrain, the 4-wheel type is recommended as this provides more stability.

4-Wheel Scooters

Our 4-wheel electric mobility scooters for sale come in various sizes: compact, standard, full sized, and heavy duty. Of these four sizes, the heavy-duty type is the most ideal for outdoor use. Its seat cushion and back support are deep-contoured to provide utmost comfort, especially for long usage.

Mobility Scooter in Brooklyn

We are a leading source of mobility scooters in and around Brooklyn, and we can provide you with whatever type of scooter you prefer for your mobility needs. Other features our products have include adjustable seat height and distance, as well as adjustable and removal armrests Whether for indoor or outdoor use, you can be sure to find what you need among our available electric mobile scooters.

If you're looking for a mobility electric scooter within the Brooklyn area, you can easily view all of our available models, plus a bit of information about each one to help you decide on the best one for you. We also carry other products such as wheelchairs, elderly walkers, and other mobility aids. Feel free to browse our website to find what you need.

For more details about our available electric scooters for sale, don't hesitate to contact us.

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