Overbed Tables

People who have trouble getting out of bed due to an illness or other medical condition can benefit greatly from an over bed table. These tables can make it so you can eat meals in bed or have the items you need right at hand. This can make it much more comfortable as well since you don’t need to lean over anything or have to worry as much about crumbs or spilled drinks. We sell many types of over bed tables at great prices.

Some models will have a base that can slide right under the bed while positioning the tablet itself right over the lap of the person in bed. Others have a base that stays next to the bed and then extends the table over the bed. There are even options with tables that can be adjusted to the proper height for ultimate convenience. Whichever of these great models you are interested in, we can get them for you for the lowest possible price and then have them delivered right to your home in Brooklyn or New York.

Easy Delivery Service

Our deliver service is one of the many things that helps to set Borbas Pharmacy apart from our competition. You can order any of our medical supplies and we’ll get them delivered right to you so you don’t have to worry about driving to a pharmacy, loading it in your vehicle and then driving home. This really is the most convenient way to get an over bed table or any other medical supplies you need. One of the best things about this service, however, is that we offer it free of charge on almost all orders. No other pharmacies in the area can provide this great option, which is why so many people are turning to us for all their medical supply needs.

Lowest Wholesale Prices

Of course, whenever buying anything it is important to look at the prices too. If you compare our prices to those of other pharmacies you will quickly see that we are the best option. We keep our prices well below the standards for other pharmacies because we also keep our costs down. We can provide you with wholesale pricing without ever sacrificing on the quality of the products or the quality of the service we provide. This can make it possible for you to get the over bed table you need without breaking your budget.

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If you have any questions about over bed tables or any other medical supplies, please give us a call at 888-208-8415. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you about our service or the products we sell. If you need something you don’t see listed here on our website, just let us know. We can make special orders for any products you need and have them delivered quickly and easily. We deliver to people in Brooklyn and New York so no matter which products you need, we’ll get them for you fast.

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