To provide the necessary tools for the treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, Borbas Pharmacy delivers quality orthopedic braces in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the rest of New York City as well as in New Jersey State.

Borbas Pharmacy offers the following orthopedic supports in Brooklyn, Queens, and across New York City and New Jersey:

Spine Bracing

To provide support for any injures along the backbone from the neck down to the lumbar area, we provide different types of spinal orthotic devices including cervical thoracic orthoses, lumbar sacral orthoses, and osteoporosis spinal orthoses, among others.

Knee Bracing

Borbas Pharmacy carries different orthotic devices to provide support and stabilization for a variety of knee injuries. Some of the products we carry include concise and full length patella stabilizers, patella bands, and telescoping knee braces.

Ankle Bracing

Whether to rehabilitate ankle injuries or provide support for lower leg instability, we have a variety of ankle braces our customers can choose from. These include ankle stirrups, sports ankle braces, and ankle foot orthoses.


For moderate to severe foot and ankle injuries, Borbas Pharmacy offers walkers to aid rehabilitation while allowing patients to walk in comfort and safety. Choose among different models with features such as inflatable air bladder wrap for compression and stabilization, memory foam inlay that conforms to the foot, or adjustable hinges at the ankle joint to change positioning.

Elbow Bracing

Borbas Pharmacy offers different kinds of braces to provide support for elbow injuries. Browse our available products for elbow hyperextension or sprain, fractures and ligamentous reconstruction of the elbow, or post-operative rehabilitation.

Shoulder Bracing

For shoulder sprains and strains, joint dislocation or subluxation, and other injuries, the shoulder orthopedic supports we offer can help with the necessary treatment. We also include an exercise ball with some of our products to help stimulate circulation.

Fracture Bracing

Our fracture bracing products are designed for the treatment and management of diaphyseal fractures along the upper and lower limbs as well as post-surgical immobilization.

Apart from orthopedic products, we also provide custom foot orthoses, mobility aids, and wheelchairs including standard models, transport chairs, and power wheelchairs in Brooklyn, Queens, and throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Borbas Pharmacy has provided quality orthopedic supplies in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and in other areas we serve for the past 20 years.

To learn more about ordering orthopedic braces in Brooklyn and across New York City and New Jersey, feel free contact us through our online form or call us at 1-800-805-6587.

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