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  • Pride
  • Model: Jazzy® Elite HD
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The Jazzy® Elite HD offers heavy-duty construction, a 450lbs. weight capacity, and excellent performance in a stylish, highly maneuverable package.

Enhanced 450lbs. weight capacity                                                                                                                                        Front-wheel drive design for excellent maneuverability                                                                                                          14" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction                                                                           Larger foot platform                                                                                                                                                              60 amp controller 

Model                                                          Jazzy Elite HD                                                                                                   Weight Capacity                                        450 lbs.                                                                                                          Turning Radius                                          24"                                                                 Width                                                           24.5"                                                           Length                                                         35.5"                                                                                                          Maximum Speed                                        Up to 4 mph                                                                                                Ground Clearance                                     3"                                                                                                                     Front Wheels                                              3" solid anti-tips                                                                                                Drive Wheels                                              14" solid                                                                                                               Rear Wheels                                                6" Solid casters                                            Drivetrain                                                    Two-motor, front-wheel drive                                                                         Braking System                                          Regenerative and electro-mechanical                                                     Suspension Type                                       Limited                                                                                                             High-Back Seating                                     24"W x 24"D                                                                                                       High-Back Seat-to-Floor Range               20" - 22"                                                                                                          Synergy Seating                                        24"W x 24"D                                                                                                  Synergy Seat-to-Floor Range                  15.75" - 17.75"                                                                                             Standard Electronics                                 60A, Dynamic                                                                                              Battery Size                                                12 volt, NF-22                                                                                             Standard Battery Charger                         5A, off-board                                                                                                    Per-Charge Range*                                    Up to 9.8 miles                                                                                                Battery Weight                                           37 lbs. each                                                                                                 Base Weight                                               89 lbs.                                                                                                            Standard Seat Weight                               51.5 lbs. (high-back)                                                                                      Standard Seat Size                                    20" x 18"-20"                                                                                                    Color Options                                             Red or Blue 

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