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  • Model: FlexLite Hinged Ankle Brace
  • HCPCS: l1906
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FlexLite Hinged Ankle Brace

The FlexLite Sport Articulating Hinged Ankle Brace provides ankle stability to weak or injured ankles. Articulating hinges glide smoothly and allow for full, unrestricted foot flexion, which is the preferred design among therapists and trainers. Lightweight support shells with padded formed foam liners give maximum stabilization to the ankle joint in a sleek, low profile design. Integrated elastic straps provide a secure fit with no movement. Makes a great preventative brace during activity to help reduce the chance of sprains or strains. Fits right or left ankle.

Bilateral Articulating Hinges glide smoothly and allow for full, unrestricted foot flexion. An Articulating Hinge Design is preferred by physical therapists and athletic trainers to prevent ankle injury and promote healing.
Foot Plate transfers weight-bearing forces from the ankle joint and increases foot and ankle stability.
Allows for Full, Unrestricted Foot Flexion.
Solid U-Shape provides superior inversion/eversion protection.
Lightweight Support Shells are molded from a lightweight plastic material in a design tailored to the ankle for maximum stabilization of the joint.
Padded, Formed Foam Liners Ultra-lightweight liners cushion and hug the ankle with less bulk for a sleek, low profile fit.
Integrated Elastic Straps Two closure straps are integrated for a secure fit with no movement.


SM MENS SHOE5 - 8 1/2 SM WOMENS SHOE 6 1/2 - 9 1/2 MD MENS SHOE9 – 12MD WOMENS SHOE10 -- 13 LG MENS SHOE 12 1/2 16LG WOMENS SHOE 13 1/2 and up

Your ankle is both strong and flexible, bearing the weight of the entire body. It is an important joint for walking and running and can become injured during even simple activities. The ankle contains many complex fibrous tendons and ligaments. Tendons provide ankle motion and connect the muscles in the lower leg to the bones of the ankle and foot. Ligaments help stabilize the ankle joint and connect bone to bone.

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