What is an OmniPod?

OmniPod can help!

It’s quick, simple and virtually pain-free. Just push a button on your PDM (personal diabetes manager) and the OmniPod cannula automatically inserts itself, reducing hassle and the chance for human error.

The Pod holds and delivers your insulin, with no tubes to tangle. The PDM wirelessly programs your personalized insulin delivery, calculates suggested doses and insulin on board, and has a convenient, built-in FreestyleTM blood glucose meter.

The Pod is small, lightweight, and really discreet. You can wear it anywhere you would inject. No one even needs to know (unless you want them to).

Wear the Pod in the shower, the tub, or the pool without ever disruption your insulin delivery, its waterproof so you never have to disconnect. Continuous insulin delivery gives you far better control than injections, significantly reducing highs and lows, and dramatically decreasing the risk of diabetic complications.
Please call 718•6779066 to find out more about OmniPod, also we can assist you at 2046 Bath Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214.

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