For those seeking relief from swollen legs, lymphedema, or related conditions, compression pump therapy can dramatically improve quality of life. Many who have tried using compression stockings, wrappings, manual lymph drainage, and other care methods have drastically improved by adding compression pump therapy to their regimen.

What Is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part usually occurring in the extremities. It can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen, or genitals. Lymphedema is the result of the abnormal accumulation of protein-rich edema fluid in the affected area. It afflicts approximately 1% of the U.S. population (nearly 3 million Americans).

Lymphedema is classified as either primary or secondary. Primary lymphedema is the result of lymphatic dysplasia. It may be present at birth but more often develops later in life without obvious cause. Secondary lymphedema is much more common and is the result of surgery or is a side effect of radiation therapy for cancer. It may also occur after injury, scarring, trauma, or infection of the lymphatic system.

Pneumatic Compression Pumps?

Pneumatic compression pumps are proposed as a treatment option for patients with lymphedema who have failed conservative measures such as compression garments or manual massage.

A lymphedema pump is an intermittent pneumatic compression device that consists of an inflatable garment that wraps around the arm or leg and an electrical pneumatic pump that fills the garment with compressed air. The garment (full/half leg and arm) is intermittently inflated and deflated with cycle times and pressures that vary between devices. This helps squeeze the lymph fluid through any lymph channels that are present. When the device deflates, blood is allowed to circulate through the area. After many repeated cycles, this device may reduce swelling from lymphedema.

What Does It Do?

  1. Reduces pain
  2. Reduces edema
  3. Mimics the lymphatic system
  4. Promotes lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the proper physiological direction
  5. Stimulates circulation to promote wound healing
  6. Delivers continuous flow
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