If you or a loved one has had or is going to have a mastectomy it is important to know that there are many supplies out there that can help make the entire experience (before, during and after) much easier. We carry a wide range of different mastectomy supplies that you can benefit from greatly. Many of these items get prescribed by doctors as they can help with the actual recovery process. Others are more cosmetic in nature, but nearly as important as they can help you to regain confidence and get back to living life more like normal.

Take some time to browse through our inventory of different mastectomy supplies and see which ones can help you. You may be surprised to see just how many things are out there and available to help you get through this trying time. If you would like any of the items we have in stock, just place your order online or give us a call and place the order over the phone. If you have something in mind that you need but you don’t see it listed on our site, you can always give us a call. We can make a special order and get it delivered right to you so you can benefit from it right away.

Delivery of Mastectomy Supplies

When you order any of the mastectomy supplies we have to offer you will likely qualify for our free delivery service. We can deliver any of these medical supplies right to your home or other location so you donít have to worry about driving to a pharmacy. This is a very popular service we offer and helps many people get what they need without the inconvenience of having to travel. This is especially helpful just after the surgery since you will want to be relaxing and focusing on your recovery. We deliver to people throughout Brooklyn and New York so if you live in these areas, make sure you order from us today.

Wholesale Prices

Another big benefit to having Borbas Pharmacy is that we have the lowest prices on all the mastectomy or other medical supplies you need. We keep our overhead low and work with many customers, which allows us to sell these items for the best prices. In addition, we work with Medicare, Medicaid and all the major insurance companies so anything that is covered can be sent to you for almost no money out of pocket. This is the easiest and most affordable way to get all the great medical products you need for recovery and living a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Us Today

If youíre thinking about ordering from us but you have some questions please donít hesitate to contact us directly. We can be reached at 888-208-8415 where one of our customer service professionals can help you throughout the process. They can help you to find the right mastectomy supplies or work with you to determine the price youíll pay after insurance and other factors. Whatever we can do to help, please donít hesitate to ask.

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